KINGSLAND - KLkadi Ladies Full Seat


Kingsland Summer 2020 Kadi breech is a slim fit, high waisted breech with 2 buttons. Made from their soft technical E-Tec fabric which offers a powerful 4-ways stretch. Water, dust and grease repellent. Breathable. Full Grip. Metal studs on front and back pockets. Logo embroidery on back yoke.

93% Polyamide 7% Elastane

Kingsland Size Chart:

EU 34 - approx. US 24
EU 36 - approx. US 26
EU 38 - approx. US 28
EU 40 - approx. US 30
EU 42 - approx. US 32


Navy - appears dark in these stock photos but is a true navy in person. 
Grey Silver Sconce - Is a light grey & is pictured on the mannequin. 

White & Navy feature rose gold detailing. Grey Sconce offers silver detailing.