PS OF SWEDEN - Beluga Black Cooler

Fleece blanket with beautiful details and the PS of Sweden-logo embroidered on both sides in silver. Soft, artificial sheepskin in black surrounds the neck, and the inside on the front has a shiny material to protect the shoulders from chafing. To ensure the perfect fit there's a discreet clasp in the front and a braided strap for the tail.

  • Made in comfortable fleece
  • Shiny inside at the shoulders to prevent chafing
  • Soft, artificial sheepskin
  • Amazingly good fit
  • Luxurious embroidery details
  • Braided tail strap

"Fleece rugs are so practical and can be used for many occasions, while transporting the horse, when riding, in the stable, and more. This one is well thought-through with clever details, all to ensure the highest level of comfort for the horse. It's absolutely stunning and suits all horse colors!"

Wash with similar colors at 30 °C.