ANIMO - LI-TECH Airbag Vest


The Animo LI-TECH Women’s Equestrian Air Bag Air Vest seamlessly combines safety and style, showcasing Helite Airbag Technology and Animo’s iconic Italian design. Figure-flattering and comfortable to wear, the Animo LI-TECH Air Vest can be worn over a color-coordinated Animo show coat for a sleek and streamlined show ring appearance. This stylish equestrian safety air vest features a feminine, tapered shape that enhances rider comfort and performance. The LI-TECH’s lightning-fast inflation speed provides reliable protection for the rider's back, pelvis, hips, and vital organs. Versatile and chic, it can also be worn without the show jacket when not in competition.


Sleeveless Air Vest with Helite Airbag Technology

Protects the back, pelvis, hips, and vital organs

Feminine, slim-fitting design

Technical stretch fabric

Front-locking zipper

Water-repellent fabric

Lightweight construction

Discreet appearance when paired with an Animo Show Coat

Ultra-fast inflation speed 

About Helite-


Helite was the first manufacturer who developed this airbag system which offers a complete protection of the vital parts: neck, back, pelvis, sacrum, thorax. The unique shape of HELITE airbag offers a big gas volume for an optimal pressure to absorb shocks effectively. The inflation time is very fast (100 ms) to be optimally protected before ground impact. Helite airbags are mechanical systems, ready and easy to use and reusable after a fall.

NEW: The more fitted cut and the new shape of the airbag allows a better integration into the outer, a bigger protection volume at the thorax and a reduction of the cartridge weight.

Due to the central zip, the airbag can be worn alone, however it is recommended to wear the Zip’In 2 airbag with an approved outer.

The airbag can be worn in 2 ways: 

  • ALONE: with the central zip closed to the top
  • INVISIBLE UNDER THE OUTER: Integrated into an approved vest or jacket (with or without zip)
    • The compatible outers are indicated by the label Zip'In sewn inside the vest.  
    • You must only wear the Zip'In 2 airbag under approved outers. None approved outers may not be able to withstand the inflation and may not protect you properly. 

This vest is adapted for any discipline. 

SOLD READY TO USE with 1 CO2 cartridge, 1 saddle strap, 1 allen key and 1 user manual. 




1)Attach CO2 canister (included) to AirBag. Put on AirBag and zip up fully. If using an outer layer ensure the AirBag is zipped in fully and outer layer is done up.

2)Attach saddle strap (included) to saddle via the stirrup bars. This piece can stay on your saddle, no need to remove between rides. Tack up horse as normal. 

3)Get on and simply hook the lanyard (included) of the airbag to the saddle using the saddle strap. 

4)Have a wonderful and safe ride. Remember to detach the lanyard before dismounting.

5)If the firing pin is pulled and bag inflates, follow these steps for replacing the CO2 canister. Ensure you use a new canister, of the same capacity, after your AirBag inflates. 



Helite airbags are certified by the external laboratory CRITT Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for equestrian riders.

Helite airbags come with a 4 years warranty if you register your airbag within 3 month after your purshase on


*Due to safety precautions all air vests & cannisters are final sale. If you are unsure of fit or sizing please visit us in store.