EQUIFIT - EqTeq Fronts


Inspired by the Equitation Ring. The unprecedented protection and support of our D-Teq™ Front Boot in an elegant, understated design. 

The Technical Stuff:

  • Constructed from durable Everleather™ and anatomically molded with a virtually unbreakable outer shell that absorbs impact, shock and vibration and relieves pressure points.
  • Optional removable ImpacTeq™ liners or SheepsWool™ liners.
    • ImpacTeq liners form a protective shield upon impact. They conform to the leg for support and absorb extreme concussion and impact. They're antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry.
    • SheepsWool liners naturally promote breathability, moving excess heat away from the leg, are hypoallergenic and naturally water and odor resistant.
  • Three 1.25" wide all Black StretchTeq straps for a customized fit.
  • Tab closures offer a secure fit.
  • Featuring Peel Away liners for horses with hard to fit issues. The perforated sections are removable and help alleviate pressure in certain areas.
  • Optional ImpacTeq Knock Knee Liners offer provide extra coverage and protection from front interference.
  • Made in USA

    To add personalization please email hello@calgarysaddlery.com or call us at 403-455-4494. We would love to help! 


    Sold as: Pair Size: S, M, L, XL

    Base Color: Black

    Binding Color: Black

    Sizing Chart: Please find the sizing chart in the pictures

    If this product is out of stock or we don't have the size/color you're looking for, please email us, as we can order in specifically for you.