EQUIFIT - T-Sport Wrap


The wrap that puts all others to shame. Designed for athletes, these wraps pair sports industry technology with a sleek, contoured look that’s appropriate for any setting - from schooling to competition. 

The Technical Stuff:

  • State-of-the-art design features a unique combination of open-celled non-latex foam, paired with high quality fabric to offer maximum compression and slip free support, all while keeping the legs cool
  • Originally developed for human athletes with muscle strains and sprains
  • Made in USA

Sold as: Pair

Color: Black, White

Care Instructions: while Equifit recommends rinsing with warm water after your ride and hanging to dry, this isn't always practical to do after every ride. Our staff recommendation is to hang to dry after your ride, when necessary, and machine  wash cool when dirty. Hang to dry! Please be ultra careful when hanging to dry that the white foam does not touch instead otherwise it will stick and damage the foam.