Save time and stay dry by adding the WaterWisk to your horse’s bathing tool kit. It will remove excess soap and water from your horse’s coat and prevent the inevitable stream of water that runs down your arm when using other types of scrapers.

Because the WaterWisk is built like a brush, it’s comfortable to hold and more maneuverable around your horse’s body. Unlike traditional sweat scrapers made of hard plastic, rubber (that often get hard and crack), or metal, our blade is made from a tough but flexible polyurethane–the same materials silk screener’s use–so you can use it to remove water from every part of a horse’s body, including the boney areas such as hips and legs.

The handle is made from naturally water- and mold-resistant Cedar so it’s perfectly fine if left in the wash stall or among your damp bathing tools. And since there’s nothing to rust, break or fall apart, you’ll enjoy years and years of use.