FLEECEWORKS - Therawool - Original Halfpad w Rolled Edge


Discrete in its ability to deliver a functional protective layer. Anatomically correct. This halfpad is all purpose and appropriate for close contact, cross country. 

Therawool™ is a durable and affordable alternative to sheepskin: breathable, washable, hydrophilic and protective with thermal balancing qualities.  It is considered a sustainable fiber verses a live fiber.  Fleeceworks' Therawool™ is soft and plush even after washing.  It does not clump up and harden after washing as with other wools currently on the market. It returns to its original appearance with brushing.

Tough enough for daily use.  Beautiful enough for show.

This pad is not shimmable, for a shimmable option please see the Perfect Balance pads also available through Calgary Saddlery. 

Sizing Recommendations:

M - fits saddles up to 16.5"
L - fits saddles up to 17/17.5" (17.5" in CWD should go to an XL pad)
XL - fits saddles up to 18"

*for the best fit/comfort the saddle should NOT sit on the sheepskin/wool rolls. 

** if your saddle has very broad panels, like those found on CWD saddles, you might want to size up.