FLEECEWORKS - Sheepskin - Perfect Balance Half Pad


Fleeceworks™ Perfect Balance Technology combines dense, pure Australian Sheepskin, the option of three different insert materials and a patent pending design to make the Perfect Balance Pad an essential piece of equipment for every horse and rider.

The Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Half Pad is the hardest working, triple duty pad; absorbing impact, improving saddle fit and providing thermal balance by soaking up moisture and dispersing heat. When you sit the trot, transition to canter, or land from a jump, impact pressure is created; having a fleeceworks pad under your saddle provides superior impact protection. The perfect balance pad offers a contoured back seam to follow the horse spine, plus it's fully shimmable, including strategically placed wither pockets, to allow you to customize your half pad. Shimming can do wonders, if you ride multiple horses or if your horse experiences weight fluctuations, having this pad in your locker with allow you to customize your saddle fit to each horse. 

The perfect balance system features removable inserts, is anatomically correct and oh so versatile. The jumping pad was been specifically designed to fit jumping or all-purpose saddles. Internal pockets hold removable inserts for discrete saddle fit corrections. Front and rear rolled edges for a stylish appearance.

*Optional inserts in different material available for purchase, see accessories page. 

Measured from inside sheepskin roll on pommel to inside back rolled edge
Measured from inside rolled edges across the widest part of the pad
Measured from middle top line of pad to edge of flap

Large (recommended for saddles up to 17") 
Length: 19″
Width: 13"
Drop: 11.5″

XL (recommended for saddles 17.5" and larger)
Length: 20″
Width: 14"
Drop: 11.5″