HORSEWARE - Dry Liner (50g lite)


Eliminate blanketing wait time whilst maximizing your horse’s comfort after exercise. Our Horseware Dry Liner allows you to use your Horseware Ireland turnout after exercise.


How does it work?

A sophisticated triple-layered fabric construction creates the ideal conditions for moisture evaporation to help to dry your horse whilst being fully blanketed, without wetting the inside of your turnout.

A moisture wicking polarfleece supports horse’s natural ability to wick moisture away from the skin.

50g high loft fiberfill – As moisture is pushed into the liner by body heat, the middle layer of fiberfill assists to evaporate the moisture.

The top layer consists of a 3D airmesh for aeration. The 3D airmesh creates extra airspace of warmth & further evaporation, preventing turnout from becoming damp or the horse feeling cold.

Features & Benefits

  • Moisture Wicking
    Dries sweaty horses more quickly. Combined with any liner-compatible turnout (50g or more) for effective moisture wicking, evaporation and dryness.
  • Time Saving
    After cool down, blanket your sweaty horse and go.
  • Ease of Use
    Skip the cooler, the Horseware Dry Liner works for both clipped and unclipped horses.
  • Breathable & Moisture Wicking
    High-performing 3D Polyester Airmax, 50g of fiberfill and moisture-wicking microfiber fleece combine to quickly wick moisture away from your horse.
  • Horseware Ireland Blanket Compatible
    Velcro tabs combine with Horseware liner loops and trigger clips attach to any liner-compatible Horseware Turnout.


  • 3D Air Mesh, 100% Polyester
  • Microfiber Fleece