Kevin Bacon's - The Green Hoof Dressing


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Nourishing and fortifying vegetable balm

Because each hoof capsule is different and deserves special attention, Kevin Bacon’s has likewise developed a highly nourishing and fortifying power, 100% natural vegetable hoof dressing recommended for horses with hoof cracks and brittle horn​.

"THE GREEN" is a remarkable, highly penetrating dressing that comes from the combination of such high-quality products as

  • olive oil and avocado oil, which penetrate deep into the horn and thus help to nourish, soften, and reinforce the hoof;
  • phytosterols, with their antioxidant virtues;
  • lavandin oil (obtained from organic agriculture), which gives off a very pleasant scent whilst providing natural antibacterial action.
  • vegetal wax, with its creamy texture and nourishing action; and
  • The vegetable wax is also occlusive: Not only does it hold water in the tissues by creating an impermeable film around the hoof, but it also protects the hoof from outside attack. What is more, in addition to its nourishing action, it lets the hoof breathe.

A 100% vegetable active ingredient enables "THE GREEN" to penetrate deep into the horn very quickly. In addition to making the hoof look good, regular application of "THE GREEN" keeps the hoof supple, elastic, and more resistant. It strengthens the hoof and protects it from the elements.

"THE GREEN" is recommended to nourish and strengthen the hooves of horses

  • that are kept on dry and/or acid bedding (e.g.: wood chips, wood pellets, flax, etc.);
  • that work or live on ground that does not provide the right amount of moisture (when pastures are dry and bare during the summer, for example);
  • that simply have dry, even brittle, hooves; and
  • during hot, dry summers​.

Thanks to its creamy consistency, "THE GREEN" is easy to spread and can thus be used year-round​.


Normal use:

Apply the grease with a brush directly onto the outside, sole, and frog of each foot.
Care for sound hooves:  2 applications a week.
Before a competition:  1 application (for beauty).
In dry weather:  4-5 applications a week.

More intensive use for very dry hooves :

  1. Hose down the feet a few minutes, and then dry them off.
  2. Next brush on Kevin Bacon's "The Green".
  3. Repeat this operation daily for one week.



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