NUNN FINER - Martingale Attachments


Multiple Options:

1)Bellissimo- Adjustable Elastic Running Attachment is an ingenious design! It combines a running attachment with the freedom of having elastic and the usefulness of being able to adjust the tension. In addition it is crafted from elegant Italian Leather with beautiful fancy stitching.

2)Bella Donna- The rope running attachment allows for even flexible pressure on the reins. Crafted with fine Italian Leather and stainless steel fittings. Adjustable to fit any size horse with a snap for easy attachment or removal.

3)Leather Running Attachment, nicely made of supple, yet durable superior bridle leather that match the other Customizable Bridle parts, breastplates and martingales. Made in America. Offered in your choice of Brass or Zinc hardware fittings. 

Horse Size (22" to 26")

4)Leather Standing Attachment is made of that supple but durable bridle leather that matches all Nunn Finer® breastplates and martingales. Made in America. *Brass Hardware

Horse Size (22" to 26")