PS OF SWEDEN - Hackamore Bridle


PS of Swedens hackamore bridle needs almost no introduction. We have developed our hackamore by reshaping an old design into a new and sleek version with many anatomical features. Perfect for those who prefer to ride without a bit and want to give their horse the best conditions to perform at their best.

    For the best flexible comfort, we have an extra wide noseband that helps distribute pressure over the bridge of the nose. It is also padded with a very soft padding that prevents rubbing on the bridge of the nose. The noseband can be adjusted both at the top and bottom so that you can easily customize your bridle to your horse's needs. The cheekpieces are 16 cm long and have our fine logo engraved on the side.
    The area around the horse's neck behind the ears is a very sensitive area with many nerves and ligaments. To facilitate the pressure from the bridle, we have developed a headpiece that is extra wide. The headpiece also has a cut-out at the top, which evenly distributes the pressure and does not focus on one point. The headpiece is also cut to allow room for the horse's ears - all to provide the highest possible comfort.
    The cheekpieces have an adjustable jaw strap to prevent the cheekpieces from sliding too close to the eye. In this way, your hackamore sits optimally while giving a stylish and neat look.
    The browband is U-shaped to prevent pressure on the horse's forehead and eye socket. Today, all of our browbands are equipped with a rubber-coated inside, so-called "anti-slip," which is supposed to make the browband stay up and prevent it from slipping down. On this particular bridle, we have also added a stopper on the headpiece to ensure that the browband stays in place. As if this were not enough, we have our beloved Click-ItTM function, which makes it easy to remove and replace the browband as needed, even when the horse is wearing the bridle.

Recommended for horses that:
* Do not thrive with a bit
* Easily become strong or do not accept a regular bit
* Respond well to pressure over the bridge of the nose
* Have dental problems

Extra features:
* Avoids pressure
* Beautifully designed shanks
* Leaves the sensitive nerve endings free
* Flat, Italian, vegetable tanned leather

Please note:
* The throatlatch is not included with the bridle
* Reins are not included with the bridle and needs to be purchased separately