PS OF SWEDEN - Nirak Bridle


*If you do not see the size or colour in the bridle you wish, or we are currently sold out, please contact us as we would be pleased to order it in for you. 

PS of Sweden's best-selling bridle the Nirak features an adjustable nosebands. Giving the rider an option of how much pressure to apply on the horses nose. This bridle helps the horse accept the bit and is a great tool for young horses or horses that like to avoid contact. 

The bridle is also suitable for very forward going horses since it helps the rider to regulate the horse's speed without putting a sharp bit in the mouth or getting a hand that's too strong. The Nirak™ bridle combine with a suitable bit brings a peaceful communication between the horse and rider. The noseband doesn't add any pressure on the teeth therefore reduces possible bit-related issues.

The anatomical headpiece relieves pressure points on the sensitive neck area which is extra effective due to the air gap above the horse's poll. It comes with extra padding around the ears for additional comfort for the horse.

The cheek pieces are flat with regular hooks and PS of Swedens' patent pending Cradles™ allowing the bit to suspend in the horses mouth creating natural elasticity and further relieves the pressure on the poll. The cradles are selectable and constructed to be easily hooked on and off. The cheek pieces are adjustable on both ends to make the bridle fit each individual horse perfectly and allow different sizes of bit rings.

The browband has PS of Swedens unique patent pending "Click-it”™ design which allows you to swap it in a few seconds even when the horse is already wearing the bridle.

Spanish vegetable tanned leather. Approved to compete with by both FEI, USEF/USDF, and BD on horse and pony, in dressage, jumping and cross country.

Note: Sold with flat, original browband. The browband in the picture is their Vintage Rose brown and we would be pleased to order it for you if desired. 

Note: Throatlatches are sold separately.


-1 = mini shetty  0 = shetty  1 = pony  2 = cob  3 = full  4 = xfull

How to fit your bridle:

  • Look at our size guide prior to your purchase.
  • Put the bridle on your horse. Keep all hang tags on the bridle.
  • If the bridle fits well then you can remove the hang tags, treat the bridle with oil, and then start using it.
  • If the bridle doesn’t fit and you need to change the size, do notremove the hang tags and do not oil the leather, just send it back to us to make the exchange.