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Thinline - Trifecta Cotton Half Pad w/Sheepskin Roll


The recently re-designed ThinLine Cotton Trifecta Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls is now on a heavier duty cotton quilted base pad with the ThinLine panels on top. They have increased the depth along the shoulders to allow for deeper shim pockets and more contact along with the tree points of English saddles. While a larger contoured shape creates easier wither clearance for horses of all shapes. With the new ventilated spine free channel, this pad lays evenly on either side of the spine.

ThinLine Pads offer over 90% shock absorption between horse and rider. This impact comes from the rider sitting onto the horse’s back as well as the horse’s back lifting into the rider’s seat. By decreasing these opposing forces, this allows the horse to move more fluidly. Due to the open cell process, the ThinLine material is 100% breathable and will not trap any heat or moisture between your tack and your horse. Allowing your horse’s skin to be as comfortable as possible during training.

Add this pad under your well-fitting saddle for maximum comfort for both horse and rider. Or take advantage of the multiple benefits of this pad by adding some shims to customize your saddles fit. The shims fit snugly and securely underneath the ThinLine panels and cotton backing providing added support exactly where you place them. Shimming is useful when riding multiple horses in one saddle, horses in training and aging horse.

*Shims are sold separately. Need shims? Shop them here. Sold in a pair in thickness' of 1/4" (thicker) or 3/16"(thinner). 

Sizing Chart: 

  • Medium - recommended for saddles 17" or smaller
  • Large - recommended for saddles 17.5" and larger